What you do to start learning and speaking is up to you but you won’t be alone. 

Get started! See how you can incorporate te reo Māori into your everyday life.

It could be as easy as playing a Māori language song, starting your Zoom call with "mōrena", or starting lunch with a karakia!

Check out some ideas below - we'll continue to share ideas and inspirations for you, your whānau, your school and workplace.

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People that have joined the movement

Louis just said I what do that Something to do Maori school

Jiyong just said I am an ece qualified teacher working in Hamilton. I originally from South Korea. I know basic words and phrases in te reo Maori. I am looking forward to learning more about te reo Maori.

Yvette just said I am an ECE teacher and I am wanting to Learn Te Reo so that I can teach the tamariki at my childcare centre.

Fiona just said I currently live in Germany but am starting to plan my return to NZ within the next three years. I would like to learn Maori as I believe it should along with the people have more respect. After all they are the true founders of NZ. I think it will bring people closer together and it sounds beautiful. Much more so than German !!!! just said Enrolled to learn Te reo ( waiting for reply) Watching Maori channel when can On Facebook joined a bicultural group On you tube to learn karakia and waiata

Savhan just said Learn the basics

Tim just said Signed up to study at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.

Peter just said I want to korore and learn tikanga... I'm born raised northlander.. My longing to learn has been put aside for to long now...

Rose just said Teaching my mokos pepeha. Whakapapa mea kapa haka

Michelle just said Wanting to learn Te Reo to become more culturally aware as well as help me in the workforce

Jodie just said Use Te reo māori in my teaching

Anton just said Working with mentors, books and my wife to increase Te Reo use in our home

Here are some ideas to get you, your workplace, school, group, team or friends and whānau involved in the movement.

Kōrero | Speak

  • Make ‘kia ora’ your first choice of greeting to everyone you speak to
  • Prepare your whānau, friends or workplace to speak te reo Māori for the hour
  • Open your news bulletin with te reo Māori
  • Host a ‘Kōrero Kai’ for lunch where you only speak in te reo Māori
  • Start lunch off with a karakia for kai
  • Order your coffee in te reo Māori
  • Set a ‘reo Māori only’ zone within your workplace or home


Waiata | Sing


Tākaro | Play

  • Host a te reo Māori quiz and test your organisation’s knowledge. Use our quiz questions to set-up your own - some are easy, some are hard, so grab some friends and a Māori dictionary!
  • See Pania Papa’s video on easy Māori games to play with no equipment
  • Download some Māori apps and play with your tamariki. See Pāpapa, Pipi Mā Tae, find more apps here.
  • Create and host an online Kahoot quiz with your whānau and friends!


Whakarongo | Listen

  • Listen to te reo Māori only for the day
  • Play our ‘Te Wiki o te Reo Māori’ playlist in your business or workplace for everyone to hear!
  • Listen to a podcast and sharpen up your reo, type ‘Taringa’ or ‘Ako’ into your podcast app.
    Turn on the radio or go online and tune into your local iwi radio station
  • Tune in to Māori Television
  • Listen to Hinewehi Mohi sing our national anthem in te reo Māori at the 1999 Rugby World Cup in England.


Pānui | Read


Ako | Learn