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  • Arahoe School


    I am the Music Specialist in my school and teach all classes from 1-6. I do a Daily calendar with all my classes and sing the waiata "Maramataka" . I also do the Daily weather: Huarere with all my classes. I teach waiata "Matariki" I am teaching school pepeha then playing Stan Walker's waiata "Bigger" where he states his pepeha at the beginning of the song, I play "Wairua" video clip from youtuenough for all tamariki in the classbe by Maimoa. Show the tamariki the translation in English. I have long bamboo rakau (enough for each tamariki) and we play a game called Maui/Matou. I have a quizz game Tama vs Kotiro and I make up questions about Matariki, the Creation story, and I have a tama and a Kotiro (same height ) stand beside each other and when the whole group og girls get the question right, the kotiro I have chosen takes a giant step towards me and visa versa. The winner is the groujp that gets to me first because they have got more questions right. With some senior classes I ask each group to formulate a question for the other group )Bbut they must know the answer) The tamariki love this game.

  • May Road School


    We will Ako, Waiata, and Kōrero. Planting kawakawa trees. Koru artwork. Including whānau in activities. Sharing our pepeha.

  • Rural Scholars Early Learning Centre

    Waimate | http://www.ruralscholars.co.nz/

    We will Ako, Pānui, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero. We will be celebrating Maori Language Week in a diversity of meaningful and authentic ways, embedded within the aspirations that our whanau express from our hui. All of the activities above will be celebrated in some form throughout the week, and feature at our midday wa.

  • Edendale Primary school

    Auckland | http://office@edendale.school.nz/

    We will Ako, Pānui, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero.

  • Clinton Playcentre


    We will Pānui, and Waiata.

  • Hora Hora School


    We will Ako, Pānui, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero. Each day: Organise Whole school waiata Create Tik Tok to a waiata. Whole school School Radio station: Daily Waiata Māori Staff Hui: Quiz

  • Orakei Health

    Tamaki Makau Rau | https://en.orakeihealth.co.nz/

    We will Ako, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero. - Karakia ia te ata - Clinicians to greet and farewell ALL patients i roto i te reo māori.(already do this) - Patapātai (Ōrākei-centric pātai) for all staff each day. -Kupu hou o te rā (Medical related) - Update phone messaging and provide FULL reo māori message.

  • Hi Mama Productions

    Auckland | https://www.facebook.com/himamanz/

    We will Kōrero. In addition to using Te Reo, we will also be launching our Te Reo Māori digital series for tamariki called Kaupapa Kori as our Māori Language Moment. Developed with the aim of getting tamariki up and moving, Kaupapa Kori is an interactive series that celebrates Te Reo Māori through dance. Supported by Te Māngai Pāho, it will be available on both Youtube & Heihei, and launches at 12pm on 14th of September 2020.

  • Te Rapa Primary


    We will Ako. Our Te Rapa HEART focus for Week 10 will be Teamwork-Kotahitanga so all the school will be learning the te reo phrase Kei te whakaatu koe i te Kotahitanga? (Are you showing Teamwork?) Student's Reply: Aae (Yes) or Kaaore (No)

  • School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland


    We'll Zoom/Zui together and try to speak te reo (basic greetings), practice waiata, etc.

  • Greytown School


    We will Ako, Pānui, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero. All teaching staff try to integrate te reo/ te ao Māori into their daily curriculum. Staff are trying to upskill themselves with at least 3/4 staff doing te reo courses.

  • Papanui High School - International Department

    Ōtautahi | https://www.facebook.com/PapanuiHighSchoolInternational/?eid=ARCO5n6B_06lHHkzWVE3MyDY_XSuQ6sGdE4ZJ4mih3qPQRFUSoY9WNuH4hiQeviacmco2LntMLMCwyOu

    We will Whakarongo, Waiata, and Kōrero. In our weekly International Student meetings, we teach the students to sing 'Te Aroha'. We will get the International students to teach some Kiwi kids the same song, or sing it along with them, if they already know it. We will also be giving them the list of '100 Te Reo Māori words that every Kiwi should know', from Te Wiki o te Reo Māori last year. Finally, our school waiata is 'Te Wero' and we will be finishing the hour by singing that.

  • All Saints Early learning Centre

    Auckland | http://www.allsaintselc.co.nz/

    We will Waiata. At All Saints Early Learning Centre we will be preparing ourselves to sit down and eat lunch. We will say our karakia together.

  • Whakatane Intermediate School


    We will Ako, Pānui, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero. Whakatane Intermediate School will engage in Te Reo Maori in various ways at 12.00pm on the 14/9/2020. Te Reo Maori is celebrated and taught in all classrooms across our school and we look forward to being part of this fantastic initiative!

  • Rachel Reynolds Kindergarten


    We will Pānui, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero.

  • Solway Primary School


    We will Waiata, and Kōrero.

  • Kanikani Fitness

    Wellington | http://kanikani.org/

    We will Ako, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero. For the Māori Moment we create a facebook live event that will have a Te Reo lesson, games & waiata. During the week at all my Zumba classes, we will have dances to Māori Waiata, tea in Te Reo and use Māori language with each other.

  • Verran primary


  • Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust

    Wellington | http://www.kohanga.ac.nz/

    We will Ako, Whakarongo, Waiata, and Kōrero. Ko tā mātou mahi he whakawhanake i te reo o te whare Kōhanga Reo mā te tautoko i a mātou kaimahi ki te whakarongo ki te reo Māori e rere ana, ki te ako i te reo Māori, ki te whakaora i te reo waiata o Te Kōhanga Reo me te kōrero anō hoki i te reo Māori ki te mahi, ki te kāinga, otirā ki te hāpori. "Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora, Mauri Kōhanga Reo"

  • West Melton Kindergarten, Nursery and Learning Centre


    We will Waiata, and Kōrero. We are a preschool so will be saying our karakia and singing waiata

  • Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust

    Waikanae | http://www.teatiawakikapiti.co.nz/

    We will Ako, Whakarongo, and Kōrero.

  • Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu

    KIrikiriroa | https://www.tekura.school.nz/

    We will Ako, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero. Involved in Mahuru Māori and Te wiki o te reo Māori

  • Tauranga Libraries

    Parkvale | https://library.tauranga.govt.nz/

    We will Ako, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero. Te Reo Māori Pronunciation SessionsKōrero & Kēmu SessionsSaturday Drop in sessions making learning resourcesKete Akoranga - takeaway bags with DIY te reo Māori learning resources

  • Kaikohe Christian School

    Kaikohe | https://www.kcs.school.nz/

    We will Ako, Pānui, Waiata, and Kōrero. Assemble together to mark the moment as one.

  • Orewa Primary School


    We will Ako, Whakarongo, and Waiata.

  • Te Kohanga Reo O Paparakau Tuarua


    We will Ako, Pānui, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero.

  • Mangoroa


    Transfering whakatauki into art

  • Browns Bay Taiaotea Kindergarten

    Auckland | http://kaitiakikindergartens.org.nz/

    We will Ako, Pānui, Whakarongo, Tākaro, Waiata, and Kōrero.

  • Wairarapa College Supported Learning Centre

    Masterton | https://waicol.co.nz/

    We will Waiata, and Kōrero. I am planning on getting all the students and teachers together to practise singing our school song as well as some of our other favourite te reo Maori songs.

  • Ruapotaka School

    Auckland | http://www.ruapotaka.school.nz/

    Each class will be taking part throughout the day (Monday) in Te Reo sessions (Maori Quiz) The rest of the week will be followed up by art, kapa haka, sharing at end of week assembly, reading to class.