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  • NZMA


    Students from Level 3 Hospitality have created a quiz on office 365 and would like to publish it .

  • Te Kura


    Contribute to school events

  • He Whaanau Manaaki


    We will koorero Maaori throughout the day and introduce a phrase a week to strengthen our growing competencies. We will include Waiata at mat times

  • Wellington

    learning the pronunciation online to say Te reo kupu properly.

  • school69

    Auckland | http://gdfgwkaujldtrsaakhjl;jhdfsafffffh/


  • My Business Bubble


    I am wanting to celebrate this beautiful language and culture as much as I can with my family.

  • Central Kids


  • Te kura kaupapa Māori o Te Kura Kokiri

    Tauranga | http://www.kurakokiri.maori.nz/

  • Z Energy Cluster Taranaki

    New Plymouth

  • Brightwater schooll


  • Huanui College

    Whangarei | https://huanuicollege.school.nz/

    Class teachers in our school are from diverse backgrounds and from all over the world. We have come together to sing, read, speak and draw in Te Reo Maori. We have a Ngahere area of native rakau where one of our staff will go through and teach the kids the Maori names of all of the trees there. We have a week long "Wero" series where the school can participate in using te reo around the school.

  • McCaw Lewis


  • McCaw Lewis

    Hamilton | https://mccawlewis.co.nz/

    Sharing a short video on our McCaw Lewis facebook page around what Te Reo means to me

  • Dept of Corrections

    Lower Hutt

  • Southern


    My organisation, Māhutonga (Southern Cross) has joined but I also committ to a waiata with my tama every morning :)

  • RDCL

    Hastings | https://www.rdcl.co.nz/

  • Te Tari Toko i te Tumu Whakawā me Te Koti Mana Nui - The Office of the Chief Justice and Supreme Court

    Wellington | https://courtsofnz.govt.nz/

    We gathered in the foyer of Te Koti Mana Nui and shared waiata, led by Justice Joe Williams on guitar. This event was attended by the Chief Justice Dame Helen Winkelmann, and Justices of the Supreme Court bench. In total 33 attended.

  • Lynfield College

    Glen Eden

  • Lynfield College


  • KPMG


  • Switched On Group

    Christchurch | https://www.switchedongroup.co.nz/about-us/

    We are trying to incorporate Te Reo Māori into our workplace by encouraging our team to speak more Reo in their day to day lives. - We always use Kia ora as our go to greeting in our communications - We have Te Reo Māori resources around the office including Māori labels for common objects around the office. - This week we are running a Te Reo Māori quiz open to all employees with a chance for them to win "Make Māori Fun" by Scotty and Stacey Morrison. - We have encouraged everyone to share their Pepeha in our Teams chat. - We do a Kupu o te Rā in our weekly newsletter. We are always looking for ways to use more Te Reo Māori into our workplace!

  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise


  • Whangarei District Council (Walton Plaza group)

    Whangarei | http://www.wdc.govt.nz/

    Yesterday 18 met in the Walton Plaza lunch room to sing waiata. The organisation has approximately 360 staff total.

  • Waikanae School

    Paraparaumu | http://facebook/

  • Room11

    New plymouth

    Classroom teacher our big idea has been communication, specifically books, NZ authors, reading ro with and by, this week we are looking at myths and legends, story telling

  • Getley’s Peopke & Culture Partners


    We greeted each.Other in Maori and shared our favourite spot in NZ ‘s Maori past and committed to pronouncing it’s Maori name correctly

  • Hillsborough primary school

    Tamaki Makaurau

    I'm a teacher of new entrant children, I integrate te Reo into my classroom constantly. I would like to extend the children's knowledge and te Reo vocabulary.

  • Tu Tane

    Poipiripi | https://www.facebook.com/TuKiTeKorero/

    Tu Tane has began running Te Reo Maori Online classes called Tu Ki Te Korero here in Poipiripi but the beauty of being online is being able to connect to Te Ao whanui

  • Oteha valley school


    Apply with our family overseas some of the new things learned in Te reo

  • Fairleigh Kindergarten